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Morris, Peck and Mahaffey-Bellinder Promoted in Government Finance


Demi MorrisDemi Morris has been promoted to the position of Processing Associate/Client Relations Specialist. Demi joined our company in April 2019 as a Processing Associate/Client Relations.

“Demi quickly advanced to following our fire market portfolio. Her willingness to see deals through to the very end and optimistic personality has made her a valuable addition to our team,” stated Jaymie Paavola-Luckert, Vice President – Government Finance. “She will continue to specialize in the fire market.”




Peck Ashley Peck has been promoted to the position of Documentation Specialist. Ashley joined our company in October 2017 as a Procession Associate/Documentation Audit Associate.

“Ashley’s attention to detail and ability to handle multiple deadlines is unprecedented. She solely handles all government finance fundings and disbursements, reviewing them closely and accurately. This allows our team to weed out any issues prior to the projected funding date,” noted Jaymie Paavola-Luckert, Vice President – Government Finance. “She has expanded her knowledge base exponentially and continues to be our go-to person for pre-funding questions.”



JojoJojo Mahaffey-Bellinder has been promoted to the position of Processing Associate/Client Relations Team Lead. Jojo joined our company in September 2016 as a Processing Associate/Client Relations Specialist.

“Jojo has worked at all levels of processing and has worked a vast array of complex deals. She is very driven and matter-of-fact in her approach, which is essential in this industry,” explained Jaymie Paavola-Luckert, Vice President – Government Finance. “Jojo is always working to expand her knowledge of the department and she continues to evolve, which makes her an excellent team lead for the processing staff.”



Baystone appreciates the efforts of all of our employees. In conclusion, we want to encourage everyone to welcome and congratulate these employees on their new position.

Jaymie Paavola-Luckert named VP of Government Finance


Jaymie Paavola-Luckert has been promoted to Vice President, Government Finance. Jaymie joined our company in 2010 as a Documentation Processor. As the department has continued to expand, Jaymie has progressed with it. She was named Documentation Supervisor in 2013 and was an integral part of developing departmental efficiencies. Jaymie now manages the entire pre-funding staff, including the credit underwriting, contract preparation, and the client relations staff. She will continue to work as a liaison for bank legal department and oversee daily operations.

“Jaymie has worked hard throughout the growth and changes in Government Finance. Her achievements have paid off,” said Marsha Jarvis, Senior Vice President – Lending Operations, Government Finance. She added, “Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion. I am happy for your success and may you rise even higher!” 

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