About Baystone Government Finance, a Division of KS StateBank

Who We Are

As a division of KS StateBank, Baystone Government Finance specializes in the origination of municipal finance agreements. We offer a variety of finance options to our clients based upon the type of collateral, location of the municipality, term desired, total cost to finance and overall structure. Our finance professionals will listen to the facts of your potential deal, and will in turn recommend the best options available for a successful funding, utilizing creative solutions to save the municipality the most money.

For many years, we have been active members of the following finance and leasing organizations:

  • AGLF (Association for Governmental Leasing and Finance)
  • NAELB (National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers)
  • NEFA (formerly UAEL – National Equipment Finance Association)

Our Commitment

Baystone Government Finance represents one of the largest teams of professionals that specialize in government and municipal financing. With our focus solely on the municipal market, it gives us the edge needed to stay up to date on the ever-changing laws for varying states, as well as keeping current on market trends and fluctuations whether with interest rates or creative structures.

By choosing Baystone Government Finance, you will be guaranteed top-notch service from the bid to funding. Although we offer 25 years experience in the municipal industry, we are continuously researching ways to improve our processes. Our customers and their satisfaction with a Baystone experience is a daily focus within our organization.

The Process

The procedures to begin and close a municipal transaction with Baystone are actually quite simple:

  • Bid Stage – When you have a municipal finance need, contact any one of our experienced originators, either toll free at 800-752-3562 or locally at 785-587-4050, by fax to 785-537-4806, or via e-mail. The basic information needed to generate a proposal is as follows:
    • Name of municipal entity and state located
    • Collateral
    • Total cost of project including any down payments, trades, grants or equity in the deal
    • Term requested (term provided will be tied directly to the useful life of the collateral)
    • Structure requested (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual)
    • Any other information you may have on the transaction regarding budgeting needs of the municipality can also be helpful
    Generally we are able to respond to your request within just a few hours, and possibly sooner.
  • Interest rates provided for our deals are extremely competitive and are based on a multitude of facts for each particular deal.  We monitor the municipal market on a daily basis to remain competitive at all times.
  • Credit Stage – If the municipality has awarded the bid based on pricing provided by Baystone, we have a basic credit process prior to being able to issue the financing contract.  Our credit process has been simplified and is tied directly to the size and term of the deal.  If we can gather any information about the municipality on-line during the credit stage, we are happy to do so.
  • We request our one page application be completed and returned along with any equipment quote, detailed information on the collateral and signed proposal.  To ensure a quick credit decision; the application must be fully completed and as much information about the deal should be provided at this time.
  • Depending on the size and term of the deal, it is possible we would also require audited financial information on the municipality. Please contact your Baystone originator for specific credit items required and application to use on each particular deal.
  • Credit decisions are usually provided within 24 hours after a full financial package has been submitted.
  • Contract Stage – If a favorable credit decision has been granted, we will confirm all facts of the transaction with you, and will then e-mail the legal documentation for final review and signatures by the municipality.
  • Upon receipt of the original documents and all requested attachments, insurance and verification of delivery from the municipality, immediate funding will occur.
  • After Funding Guarantee – Not only do we strive for perfection and satisfaction for our customers during the bid and contract stages, but we also want our clients to be comfortable coming back to us with questions or concerns at all times after the deal is completed.  Our satisfaction is making sure your municipal finance experience was a success.