What is Government Obligation Financing?

Baystone Government Finance offers a vital service to cities, counties, schools, fire districts and other municipal entities by helping them finance much-needed equipment so they may continue to grow and serve their community. We provide financing for numerous types of equipment from telephone systems, fire trucks, police cars, IT equipment, yellow iron and more.

While so many entities throughout our country are grappling with their budgets, Baystone can offer immediate relief with a multi-year lease purchase obligation which will enable them to acquire vital equipment now, and make installments over a period of years. By entering into a lease purchase obligation, the municipality will not only be eligible for incredibly low interest rates, but can also hold title to the equipment from inception of the transaction and therefore will build equity with each payment made. When financing equipment through Baystone, entities are able to access funding by one of the simplest finance methods available, most often without voter approval.

To name a few, Baystone Government Finance provides funding for entities such as:

  • Cities and Counties
  • Benefits of Government Obligation Financing

    What Can We Finance

    State Agencies
  • Universities and Public School Districts
  • Fire Districts and Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Special Districts and Constituted Authorities